May 2022 Match Results

The weather could have been better, and we did get somewhat wet, and the match was cut short at 4 (instead of 5) stages by lightning.  Despite all that, there were 19 shooters at today’s match.

Flaming Star came all the way from Ohio to win the match.  Long Fingers and Comstock Charley filled out the top 3.   Clean shooters were:  Marshal RD, Flaming Star, Comstock Charley, Chenoa Tim and Missouri Sunshine.

Stage 1 was to be the last stage, but lightning, thunder and a deluge caused its cancellation.  We started on Stage 2 because it wasn’t raining at 9 a.m. and that location had us shooting without cover.  Rain started near the end of stage 4 and we finished 5 then packed it in.  Looking forward to June flowers.

Our next match is June 18.  Hope to see you then.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden