December 2022 Match Results and Video

The McLean County Peacemakers had their year-ending shoot today with 20 cowfolks in attendance.  A new shooter, Noname James, was welcomed.  Hope to see him often and that he discovers the “perfect” SASS alias.

The group shot very efficiently, completing five stages in only two hours.  Top finishers are:  Long Fingers, Comstock Charley, Flaming Star and Dangerous Dan McGrew.  The five clean shooters are:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star, Katie Twoshots, Marshal RD and Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom. The scores are linked below.

Our first shoot of 2023 will be January 21, same time/same place.  Hope to see you then.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the McLean County Peacemakers

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden