February 2023 Match Results

Nineteen shooters attended the Peacemakers’ February indoor match.  We welcomed one new shooter:  Ellie Mae Dean.   Also welcomed back after his accident this autumn was Blind Hog.  Keep getting better, BH.

The first four stages were relatively normal, but number 5 was a different story.  There were two one-shot bonus (10 seconds each) reloads on the stage and a target sequence that confused some.

Top five finishers were:  Comstock Charley, Dangerous Dan McGrew, Mackinaw Jack, Long Fingers and Flaming Star.  The three clean shooters:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star and Mackinaw Jack.

Tomahawk Johnson won the 50/50 drawing.

Our next match, probably indoors, is March 18.  Hopefully we’ll be outside in April.

Comstock Charley  (aka:  Jim Nelden)