No Misses at the Annual Banquet

Twenty-three members and significant others attended at the Bandana’s BBQ
Restaurant in Bloomington, IL. The 22nd annual meeting was started by President
Mackinaw Jack around 5:30 pm with greetings and recognition for the volunteers who
keep the club running.

Treasurer Tomahawk Johnson gave his report, which was approved. There are
currently no outstanding bills, and the checking account has $1,540.26.

Arizona Buffalo Joe provided a summary of upcoming events. The two Quigley rifle
shoots are on May 6 and October 7. A planned new shooters clinic and cowboy clays
match are not yet scheduled.

Secretary Comstock Charley led the election of officers, first opening the floor for
additional nominations, of which there were none. The slate of 7 nominees was read,
vote moved by Arizona Buffalo Joe and seconded by Bad Dean. There were no opposed
votes. Officers for 2023 are:
President – Mackinaw Jack
Vice-President – Marshal RD
Treasurer – Tomahawk Johnson
Secretary – Comstock Charley
At-large board members:
Arizona Buffalo Joe
Prairie Trail Ranger
Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom

Door prizes were awarded occasionally during the meeting. Meeting was adjourned before 6 pm as the meal was served.
Respectfully submitted,
Comstock Charley – Secretary