April Match Results & Quigley Flier

It felt like summer, but I’m not complaining.  Sunny 80s on a day that earlier forecasts had rain.  Twenty-three shooters in two posses came to enjoy this year’s first Peacemakers outdoor match.  A new shooter, Duncan Greenwood was added to our merry band, and he shot clean.  Good to see our old friends 3 Deuce Cowhand and Cheyenne Cinder.

Top five for the match:  Midnight Justice, Flaming Star, Comstock Charley, Long Fingers and Chenoa Tim.  Clean shooters:  Chenoa Tim, Duncan Greenwood, Flaming Star, Mackinaw Jack, Tomahawk Johnson and Wapiti Waldi.  The 50/50 drawing was won by me (first time).

Our next cowboy match is May 20. 

On May 6 the Quigley Rifle Match will be held at Darnall’s.  See the flier below for details.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Comstock Charley   (aka: Jim Nelden)