May 20 Match Results

Beautiful weather today started a little cool then got perfect.  Two posses with 22 total shooters finished a fast and fun match by 11:20.  Two cowboys returned after a long absence: Max Muletrain and Wild Pike.  Our thanks for everyone who helped keep the match moving and for tearing down targets.

Top 5 finishers:  Flaming Star, Midnight Justice, Wild Pike, Mongo and Comstock Charley.  Six shot clean: Chenoa Tim, Fire Marshal Bill, Flaming Star, Galva Girl, Katie Twoshots, and Marshal RD.

Roy Spurs won the 50/50 and donated his winnings to the club.

Our next cowboy match will be June 17 and we’d like to see you there.

Comstock Charley (aka: Jim Nelden)