2022 Annual Clean Shoot Winners

August concludes the 2022 Clean Shoot Contest because we always give these awards at the September shoot.

The Hank T. Bullwalker Award goes to Marshal RD.

The Annie Oakley Award (3-way tie so all 3 names go on the plaque) goes to Missouri Sunshine, Katie Twoshots and Flaming Star.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Trent “Tomahawk” Johnson

April 2022 Match Results

Although our first outdoor match of the season was a bit chilly, we had 18 hardy contestants show up.  The sun was shining, steel was clanging, and there were plenty of smiles to kick-off another fun outdoor season.  The top three finishers in order are:  Midnight Justice, Chenoa Tim, and Marshal RD.  Clean shooters are:  Chenoa Tim and Dee Mack Jack.  Congratulations shooters! 

Thanks to all who helped with the teardown and setup.  That help is very much appreciated.  Our May match will be on the 21st. 

Happy Easter everyone! 

Mackinaw Jack 

aka:  Bill Snyder 


March 2022 Match Results

Rainy and cold outside, warmer and dry inside, the Peacemakers cowboy match had 17 folks come to fight the steel bad guys.  Another very efficient match, clean-up was finished by 11:20.  Scores’ link is below.

Top three were:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star and Mackinaw Jack.  Marshal RD and Chenoa Tim shot the match clean.

Spring arrives tomorrow, so next month we’re planning to shoot outdoors.  Black powder and shotguns will be welcome again if weather and ground conditions allow.  The match will be written for an outdoor shoot, but April weather can be treacherous.   Hope for warm & dry, prepare for cool and muddy.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


February 2022 Match Results

The roads were only fair, but 15 cowpokes made the trip to Darnall’s for today’s McLean County Peacemakers February indoor match. Another match completed in record time, started at 9am, finished at 11am. We’re not trying to rush shooters, but being ready when called and efficient brass pickup really makes it move along. Thanks to all who setup on Friday and put it away on Saturday.

Clean shooters were: Katy Twoshots, Tomahawk Johnson, Okie Pete and Marshal RD. Long Fingers paced the match (69.03 sec), followed by Comstock Charley and Dangerous Dan McGrew. Detailed scoresheets below.

Our next match will be indoors on March19. If the weather and ground conditions are much better than usual, we could be outdoors in March. We’re all looking forward to outdoor shooting again in April.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


Introducing the Annie Oakley Ladies Clean Shoot Award

Attention Ladies: 

The Annie Oakley Award Plaque is ready for its first Name.  There are 18 name plates on it.  This is for the ladies only. The winner will have the most clean shoots each year from September through August. This is the same period as the “Hank T Bullwacker Award” which will now be for the Men’s winner for 2022. SASS defines a clean shoot as “No Misses and No Procedurals”. We have been keeping score on everyone since September. Right now, it is anyone’s award. In case of ties, we post both names on a plate. The plaque will hang on the wall at Darnall’s next to the men’s award.

Trent “Tomahawk” Johnson

Annie Oakley Ladies Clean Shoot Award