Quigley Match Reminder and More

It is one week until the Quigley Match at Darnall’s.  The flier is below.  Current weather forecast is partly cloudy and upper 60s, not too breezy.   You can’t park at the bottom of the hill during the match, but you can drive down to unload, then drive back up to park.  At 9am we’ll meet at the 200 yard line for registration.

Our next cowboy match is May 20 and will be held OUTDOORS so black powder and shotguns are welcomed.  New feature this match is all shotgun targets are Knockdowns.  Most major SASS matches use just shotgun knockdowns, so we want you familiar with them on every stage.

Hope to see you soon.

Comstock Charley  (aka: Jim Nelden)

April Match Results & Quigley Flier

It felt like summer, but I’m not complaining.  Sunny 80s on a day that earlier forecasts had rain.  Twenty-three shooters in two posses came to enjoy this year’s first Peacemakers outdoor match.  A new shooter, Duncan Greenwood was added to our merry band, and he shot clean.  Good to see our old friends 3 Deuce Cowhand and Cheyenne Cinder.

Top five for the match:  Midnight Justice, Flaming Star, Comstock Charley, Long Fingers and Chenoa Tim.  Clean shooters:  Chenoa Tim, Duncan Greenwood, Flaming Star, Mackinaw Jack, Tomahawk Johnson and Wapiti Waldi.  The 50/50 drawing was won by me (first time).

Our next cowboy match is May 20. 

On May 6 the Quigley Rifle Match will be held at Darnall’s.  See the flier below for details.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Comstock Charley   (aka: Jim Nelden)


No Misses at the Annual Banquet

Twenty-three members and significant others attended at the Bandana’s BBQ
Restaurant in Bloomington, IL. The 22nd annual meeting was started by President
Mackinaw Jack around 5:30 pm with greetings and recognition for the volunteers who
keep the club running.

Treasurer Tomahawk Johnson gave his report, which was approved. There are
currently no outstanding bills, and the checking account has $1,540.26.

Arizona Buffalo Joe provided a summary of upcoming events. The two Quigley rifle
shoots are on May 6 and October 7. A planned new shooters clinic and cowboy clays
match are not yet scheduled.

Secretary Comstock Charley led the election of officers, first opening the floor for
additional nominations, of which there were none. The slate of 7 nominees was read,
vote moved by Arizona Buffalo Joe and seconded by Bad Dean. There were no opposed
votes. Officers for 2023 are:
President – Mackinaw Jack
Vice-President – Marshal RD
Treasurer – Tomahawk Johnson
Secretary – Comstock Charley
At-large board members:
Arizona Buffalo Joe
Prairie Trail Ranger
Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom

Door prizes were awarded occasionally during the meeting. Meeting was adjourned before 6 pm as the meal was served.
Respectfully submitted,
Comstock Charley – Secretary

Peacemakers Officers Meeting

The officers held a meeting on Monday, December 19.  Several topics were discussed.

1.  The tentative 2023 schedule of matches is below.  

2. The Quigley rifle matches will be on Saturdays May 6 and October 7.  An additional rifle class,  BAM, will be added.  Bolt Action Military is an unmodified bolt action rifle issued by any nation’s military before 1940 (no sniper rifles).  Ammo must be unjacketed lead projectile, may have gas check, running <1400fps.  Sights are iron only used by the military of origin.  Examples:  Lee-Enfield, Springfield 1903, Schmidt-Rubin, Mauser, Enfield 1917, Carcano, Arisaka, Mosin-Nagant…

3.  A clinic for new cowboy shooters is planned, but not yet scheduled.

4.  The annual cowboy banquet will be held early in March (4th or 11th).  Since Ozark House is closing, a new venue must be found.

5. A cowboy shotgun clays match combining some skeet and some trap (25 rounds) is in the planning stage.  Date to be announced.

6. 2023 club dues are payable now.  $20 per person, $25 for a family/couple.  It’s most convenient to pay at the next match you attend.

7.  MerryChristmas

 and Happy New Year

 from the Peacemaker officers.

Comstock Charley


ps:  I forgot to include in the Saturday match results that Arizona R. Tillery won the 50/50 and donated his winnings back to the club.

2022 Banquet Report

By Lada Lou – aka Debbie Aurelius-Muir

Twenty-three cowboys and cowgirls attended the Peacemakers Members’ Dinner and Meeting on Saturday, March 12th at the Ozark House in Bloomington, Illinois.  This fine establishment rustled up the diner’s choice of some delicious fried chicken, Icelandic cod, ribeye steak, catfish and baby back ribs.  Each dinner included a tossed side salad, baked potato, and fresh baked bread.  The friendly folks enjoyed an evening of camaraderie and lively conversation. In  attendance at the evening’s festivities were Apoloosa Doc (Gary Conolly), Cheryl Newman, Arizona Buffalo Joe (Joe Welch), Cindy Welch, Lefty Dalton (Glen Dalton), Joy Dalton, Bad Dean (Dean Henry), Karen Henry, Dakota Tim  (Tim Breen), Danna Breen, Gray Eyed Rider (Sean Breen), Comstock Charlie (Jim Neldon), Marshall RD (Ron Darnall), Sue Darnall, Lunar Tic Pete (Pete Manuele, Jr.), Celest Teal Ray (Amy Manuele), Prairie Trail Ranger (Jon Paulson), Sooner Born (Patty Paulson), Okie Pete (Brett Barbee), Mackinaw Jack (Bill Snyder), Sherie Snyder, Roy Spurs (Roy Jones), and Marge Jones.

After dinner, the Peacemakers’ members voted to approve their new slate of officers. 

President: Mackinaw Jack, aka Bill Snyder
Vice President: Marshall RD aka Ron Darnall
Treasurer: Tomahawk Johnson aka Trent Johnson
Secretary: Comstock Charlie aka Jim Neldon
Officers-at-large: Prairie Trail Ranger aka Jon Paulsen; Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom aka Jack Vick; Arizona Buffalo Joe aka Joe Welch
Webmaster: Dangerous Dan McGrew aka John Muir

Lots of door prizes were given away, too. Next year you will just have to come to the banquet and see what prizes you might win!