November Match Results

McLean County Peacemakers held their monthly indoor match this morning.  Sixteen cowboys & cowgirls came out on a very cold morning to whack the steel bad-guys.   Twenty seconds of bonuses helped reduce the overall times.  Top three finishers are:  Comstock Charley, Dangerous Dan McGrew, and Flaming Star.  The clean shooters are:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star, and Missouri Sunshine.

Our first 50/50 raffle was won by Chenoa Tim, who donated his winnings to the club.  Thanks Tim.

The next indoor match is December 17.  Take a break from Christmas shopping and please join us.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


October 2022 Match Results

It started out COLD (33 degrees), but the sunshine and lack of wind made it bearable.  By the end of the match it was 51 degrees, and most of the coats had been removed for a beautiful day.

There were 25 shooters split into two posses today at the Darnall’s range.  Flaming Star came over from Cincinnati OH to shoot clean and win the match.  Comstock Charley was second and Dangerous Dan McGrew was third.  The other clean shooter was Marshall RD.  

We welcomed one “new” shooter, Dusty Dimes from DeKalb.  I show new in quotes because he’s shot cowboy before, just not at our club.  Also, we welcomed back Max Muletrain after several years away.

I suspect this will be the last outdoor shoot for the year.  Our indoor season will start November 19th, same time same place.  It might be held outdoors if the weather is spectacular.  Hope to see you then.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


Fall Quigley Match Results 2022

We had Perfect weather and nine shooters that shot in 21 categories. It was a great group and everyone helped out. Special thanks to Arizona Buffalo Joe for setting up, painting and repainting and tearing down all the targets. Thank you to all who attended!   Tomahawk Johnson Match Director.

Lever Action Rifle – Rifle caliber:

First		Wapiti Waldi  -  14
Second		Comstock Charlie - 11
Third		Dennis Rainville -  7

Lever Action Rifle – Pistol Caliber

First		Midnight Justice - 19
Second		Wapiti Waldi - 18
Third		Arizona Buffalo Joe - 14

Single Shot Rifle – Rifle Caliber

First 		Comstock Charlie - 15
Second 	        Tomahawk Johnson - 11

Single Shot Rifle – Rifle Caliber – Black Powder

First		Dangerous Dan McGrew - 10

Lever Action Rifle – Pistol Caliber – Ladies 

First		Lady Lou - 6

Revolver 50 yard:

First		Midnight Justice - 8 out of 10
Second 	        Wapiti Waldi - 6 out of 10
Third		Comstock Charlie - 5 out of 10 

Trent “Tomahawk” Johnson
“Success comes to those who hustle wisely”

September 2022 Match Results

The match ran a little longer than usual today because the 20 shooters were in a single posse; but we got done about 1pm.  The first stage Texas Star, sometimes called the Death Star, took the longest because of time to reset the target for each shooter.  Stages 2 and 3 were in an unfamiliar location on the range because a training class had taken over our familiar 25 yard bay.  Lots of sun, and it was a bit warm when we finished.  I believe everyone had fun, though.

The top five finishers in order are:  Midnight Justice, Comstock Charley, Chenoa Tim, Dangerous Dan McGrew, and Marshal RD.  The two clean shooters are:  Marshal RD and Comstock Charley.  Score sheets are below.

Our next monthly match will be October 15 and should be outdoors.  We will be prepared to shoot indoors if the weather dictates.  Remember there is no black powder or shotgun at indoor shoots.

The biannual Quigley rifle match is coming October 1.  The flier is one post below.

Also, below is the updated Cowboy Match flier for October through March.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


August 2022 Match Results

Today’s match started out with a few drizzles, but the sun was shining by the third stage.  The top three finishers in order are:  Midnight Justice, Comstock Charley and Flaming Star.  Clean shooters are:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star, Chenoa Tim, Wapiti Waldi, and Katie Twoshots.  Congratulations shooters! 

A special welcome to our new shooter Mean Mark!  Thanks to all who helped with the teardown and setup.  That help is very much appreciated.  Our September match will be on the 17th. Hope to see a big turnout!

Mackinaw Jack 

aka:  Bill Snyder 


June 2022 Monthly Match Results

I’m sorry there was no scores printout right after the match.  We had a major cockpit error on the scoring tablets.  I had to manually re-enter all the scores from the paper sheets.  The results are attached.

Twenty nine cow people (persons?) shot today in two posses during the best match weather we will likely see this year.  The top five finishers are:  Midnight Justice, Dangerous Dan McGrew, Comstock Charley, Marshal RD and Fire Marshal Bill.  Clean shooters are:  Marshal RD, Tomahawk Johnson, Fire Marshal Bill and Lady Lou.  Congratulations to all competitors.  We hope to see you next month.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


May 2022 Match Results

The weather could have been better, and we did get somewhat wet, and the match was cut short at 4 (instead of 5) stages by lightning.  Despite all that, there were 19 shooters at today’s match.

Flaming Star came all the way from Ohio to win the match.  Long Fingers and Comstock Charley filled out the top 3.   Clean shooters were:  Marshal RD, Flaming Star, Comstock Charley, Chenoa Tim and Missouri Sunshine.

Stage 1 was to be the last stage, but lightning, thunder and a deluge caused its cancellation.  We started on Stage 2 because it wasn’t raining at 9 a.m. and that location had us shooting without cover.  Rain started near the end of stage 4 and we finished 5 then packed it in.  Looking forward to June flowers.

Our next match is June 18.  Hope to see you then.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


2022 Spring Quigley Long Range Shoot Report

We had 9 Shooters including 3 Ladies shoot in 21 different Classes. The results were close as always. Some Great Shooting was done by the competitors!

Pistol Caliber Lever Action Rifle Men’s:      
  1st  Arizona Buffalo Joe                    19
  2nd  Chenoa Tim                             18
  3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew                   17

Pistol Caliber Lever Action Rifle Ladies': 
  1st  Celest Teal Ray                        15
  2nd  Galva Girl                             13
  3rd  Lady Lou                                9

Revolver Men’s:   
  1st  Comstock Charley                        8
  2nd  Dangerous Dan McGrew                    3

Revolver Ladies':   
  1st  Celest Teal Ray                         1

Lever Action Rifle in Rifle Caliber Smokeless:    
  1st  Comstock Charley                       13

Lever Action Rifle in Rifle Caliber Black Powder:   
  1st  Lunar Tic Pete                          6

Single Shot Rifle in Rifle Caliber Smokeless:     
  1st  Chenoa Tim                             15
  2nd  Tomahawk Johnson                       14
  3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew/Comstock Charley  13

Single Shot Rifle in Rifle Caliber Smokeless Ladies': 
  1st  Galva Girl                              6

April 2022 Match Results

Although our first outdoor match of the season was a bit chilly, we had 18 hardy contestants show up.  The sun was shining, steel was clanging, and there were plenty of smiles to kick-off another fun outdoor season.  The top three finishers in order are:  Midnight Justice, Chenoa Tim, and Marshal RD.  Clean shooters are:  Chenoa Tim and Dee Mack Jack.  Congratulations shooters! 

Thanks to all who helped with the teardown and setup.  That help is very much appreciated.  Our May match will be on the 21st. 

Happy Easter everyone! 

Mackinaw Jack 

aka:  Bill Snyder 


March 2022 Match Results

Rainy and cold outside, warmer and dry inside, the Peacemakers cowboy match had 17 folks come to fight the steel bad guys.  Another very efficient match, clean-up was finished by 11:20.  Scores’ link is below.

Top three were:  Comstock Charley, Flaming Star and Mackinaw Jack.  Marshal RD and Chenoa Tim shot the match clean.

Spring arrives tomorrow, so next month we’re planning to shoot outdoors.  Black powder and shotguns will be welcome again if weather and ground conditions allow.  The match will be written for an outdoor shoot, but April weather can be treacherous.   Hope for warm & dry, prepare for cool and muddy.

Comstock Charley

aka:  Jim Nelden


McLean County Peacemakers January 2022 Match

We had 20 cowpersons (how PC can I get?) at our January match today, including a father & son pair of new shooters.  Welcome Dakota Tim and Grey-Eyed Rider.   Another efficient match time-wise, were out of there by noon.

Top three for the match were:  Flaming Star, Comstock Charley, and Dangerous Dan McGrew.  Clean shooters:  Flaming Star, Marshal RD and Tomahawk Johnson.

Our next indoor match will be on Saturday, February 19.  Let’s all hope for good travel weather.  We lucked out this month with only 1″ of new snow on the ground around Bloomington.

Comstock Charley aka: Jim Nelden


McLean County Peacemakers December 2021 Match 

 Our indoor match on the 18th had 17 contestants shooting 5 stages.  Stages were pretty easy except number 5, written by The Grinch to include a 1-shot pistol reload for a 10-second bonus upon hitting rifle target #4.  Almost everyone succeeded in hitting the bonus.       

The top three finishers in order are:  Long Fingers, Comstock Charley, and Dangerous Dan McGrew. 

Clean shooters are:  Tomahawk Johnson, Missouri Sunshine, Long Fingers and Comstock Charley.     

The match was completed in only 2 hours and 5 minutes with the efficient preparation of the shooters.  Thanks to all who helped with the teardown and setup.       

Announced at the match, our new club website will be created by Dangerous Dan McGrew, who volunteered to be webmaster.  The URL will be unchanged.     

Our January match will be on the 15th (2022!!).  Hope to see everyone in the New Year.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the PeacemakersComstock Charley

McLean County Peacemakers November 2021 Match

Our first indoor match of the season had 23 shooters finish all 5 stages between 9am and noon on the 20th.   Thanks to all who helped with the teardown.

Long Fingers, Mackinaw Jack and Comstock Charley were the top three finishers.  If the scores for stages 4 and 5 look strange, it’s because there were two 5-second bonuses in each stage. 

We had four clean shooters:  Chenoa Tim, Marshal RD,  Missouri Sunshine and Tomahawk Johnson. 

Match scores are available on this web site.
Hope to see another fine collection of cowboys (and girls) at our next match on December 18.

Quigley Results Oct 2021

50 yd Men’s Pistol (on tiebreaker) –
1st Midnight Justice (5)
2nd Just Ken (5)
3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew (2)

50 yd Ladies Pistol –
1st Celes Teal Ray (2)

Men’s Pistol Caliber Lever Rifle Smokeless – 
1st Lunar Tic Pete (18)
2nd  Midnight Justice (17)
3rd  Chenoa Tim (15)

Ladies Pistol Caibler Rifle Smokeless – 
1st  Celes Teal Ray (12)

Men’s Rifle Caliber Lever Rifle Smokeless –
1st  Comstock Charley (15)

Men’s Rifle Caliber Lever Rifle Black Powder – 
1st  Lunar Tic Pete (10)

Men’s Rifle Caliber Single Shot Rifle Smokeless –
1st Chenoa Tim (15)
2nd Tomahawk Johnson (14)
3rd  Dangerous Dan McGrew (12)